The Enchanted Glade

“Firefly Field” by Studio Toer

Firefly Field is a captivating light installation of numerous flying light points that simulate the movements of the nocturnal Lampyridae.

Glowing. Darting. Hovering above the ground. The everchanging bio-luminescence of each one is reflected in the grassy slope. On mass, they create a dynamic light scene that triggers visitors’ curiosity and awe.

The minimalist arrangement consists of specially developed LED light points that seem to hover in mid-air. Their unique dynamic composition gives each firefly its unpredictable and natural movement.

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“Crystal Flowers” by Stevie Thompson, Custom Fibre Optic

Crystal flowers is a beautiful fibre optic lighting installation consisting of 600 individual hand made illuminated flowers.

With a mixture of translucent and transparent plastics, the display is a mixture of subtle glows and reflections, which draw you in and catch your gaze. The twisting, winding stems, the petals, stigma and stamen will all glow with captivating colour changing light which, with programmed effects, will seem as if they are moving around and dancing in the wind. 

A display that is a reminder to take your time more often, be mindful, and appreciate the stunning natural world around us and re-connect with nature.

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“Dream” by the Lantern Company

The Lantern Company have created a bespoke luminous flight of fantasy inspired by the fantastical illustrations of Ukrainian artist Sveta Dorosheva, which transforms Park Sq into an extraordinary mythical landscape. Come and wander through the enchanted glade and be transported into the realms of the imagination.

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“The Enchanted Glade” by Hazel Plummer and Martin Robinson

Inspired by the art works described above, Hazel Plummer and Martin Robinson’s “The Enchanted Glade” is a soundscape of 3 original compositions created especially for Light Night Leeds 2023.  Be guided along the trail, following the whispers of fairies playing hide and seek in the glade until you come to the tranquil glowing monoliths in the distance. Explore all the magic and enchantment in the sounds of the forest.

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