The SOYO Zone is sponsored by Caddick Group.


36. The World Has Gone Pear Shaped

Artist: Tine Bech (Denmark / UK)

Location: Playhouse Square, Quarry Hill, Leeds LS2 7UP

Thursday & Friday, 6.30pm – 10.30pm

What 3 Words: ///claps.spoke.claps

Performance key: Outdoor • Quieter venue


A playful take on the dystopias of our time, asking where are we now, what have we done to the earth and what possible futures do we want to create? We’ve all seen images of devastated forests and empty lakes and rivers. Imagine, instead, that our actions had changed the physical shape of the globe. Can we change our relationship with our planet and get it back into shape? With this way of looking at things, art might be able to open new ways of ‘seeing’ the world, which might suggest new ways of acting within it.

Co-commissioned by Illuminate Oldham and Nightfall Middlesborough.

Sponsored by Caddick Group.

37. Light And Sound


Artist: Various Artists (UK)

Location: Leeds City College, Playhouse Square, LS2 7BS

Thursday, 6pm – 9pm

What 3 Words: ///claps.spoke.claps

Performance key: Indoor • Quieter venue • Sound

Leeds City College’s Quarry Hill Campus is opening its doors again for Light Night 2023 with a series of installations built for the occasion by staff, students and professional artists. Join them on their rooftop terrace to see and hear Light Night Leeds from a completely different perspective. Take time to relax and let the sounds of the city wash over you, grab binoculars and peer across the skyline and take plenty of selfies! Calming lighting and music created for the event will enhance the relaxing atmosphere. In the Chroma-Q Theatre, lighting design and production students will be creating a large-scale interactive spectacular.

The college is supported by AC Entertainment Technologies, ensuring that audiences will be dazzled. Bring along colourful litter to be part of our Leeds Litter Letter installation, play Simon Says across Playhouse Square with the residents of SOYO, choose a free piece of art and experience a brand new exhibition from our Artist in residence.

38. Seed of Life


Artist: Amberlights (UK)

Location: Leeds Bus Station, New York Street, LS2 7HU

Thursday & Friday 6.30pm – 10.30pm

What 3 Words: ///monkey.festivity.scans

Performance key: Indoor • Quieter Venue

The Seed of Life invites exploration with its harmonious dodecahedral design of interlocking pentagon panels. Lit by vibrant LEDs at night and adorned with an enchanting iridescent film, it presents a mesmerizing sight during the day. This accessible dome-like installation accommodates interactive experiences, serving as a captivating centrepiece that complements its surroundings by casting intricate light patterns. Stepping inside reveals a jewel-like interior, glowing with majestic purples, radiant golds, delicate pinks, serene blues, lush greens, and warm bronze tones—an ethereal symphony of colours that captivates observers.

Sponsored by WYCA.

39. Pockets Of Light 2023


Artist: Alder Tree Primary/Leeds West Academy/Society of Light and Lighting (UK)

Location: Leeds Minster, Kirkgate, Leeds, LS2 7DJ

Thursday and Friday, 6.30pm – 10.30pm

What 3 Words: ///pulse.vines.rush

Performance key: Indoor • Quieter Venue • Dark

Find out more about accessibility at Leeds Minster

Watch the historic Leeds Minster come alive with a range of vibrant colour schemes this Light Night. The façade around the Minster has been illuminated using designs created by Leeds primary and high school students, brought to life by the Society of Light and Lighting. Members of the Society delivered lighting workshops to Alder Tree Primary and Leeds West Academy students, challenging the students to produce their own conceptual designs for the Minster, with the winning designs selected from each school. The four themes are cultural diversity, religion, music which brings the community together, and the environment.

The Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) is the professional body that exists to advance and promote the art, science and practice of lighting design and engineering, to invest in education and research, and to support our lighting professionals in their pursuit of excellence.

40. Service Of Light


Artist: Choir of Leeds Minster (UK) 

Location: Leeds Minster, Kirkgate, Leeds, LS2 7DJ 

Thursday, 7.30pm – 8.15pm (doors open 5pm)

What 3 Words: ///pulse.vines.rush

Performance key: Indoor • Quieter Venue • Loud

Find out more about accessibility at Leeds Minster

The Choir of Leeds Minster, accompanied by the Minster’s famous Harrison & Harrison organ, will present a varied recital of British choral music. The Victorian Gothic interior of the church provides the atmospheric setting for this performance and will be partially lit by candlelight. The rest of the Minster will also be open for general visiting and refreshments served between 5pm and 10pm.