Wellington Place Zone

The Wellington Place zone is sponsored by MEPC.


22. The Enchanted Glade


Artists: Lantern Company (UK) / Leeds Lights (UK) / Studio Toer (The Netherlands) / Custom Fibre Optics (UK) / Hazel Plummer and Martin Robinson (UK)

Location: Park Square, LS1 2NU

Thursday & Friday, 6.30pm – 10.30pm (repeats throughout the evening) 

What 3 Words:  ///acted.laptop.bend

Performance key: Outdoor • Busy • Sound

Step back in time to the ancient forest of Leodis which once existed where the city of Leeds now stands and enter an enchanted glade filled with glowing flowers, fairies, and mystical stone circles. Presented in partnership with the British Library and inspired by their current exhibition Fantasy: Realms of Imagination (supported by Wayland Games and the Unwin Charitable Trust), this magical experience features
collaborative work by several artists including our own Leeds Lights team.

Co-produced by British Library. Firefly Field supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Leeds 2023. Custom Fibre Optics is part of the SHINE Emerging Artist Programme.

Commissioned by LUTN.

Find out more about the artists and their working by clicking on this link https://bit.ly/3Qd25bd

23. Odyssey


Artist: Greenaway & Greenaway (UK)

Location: Wellington Place, LS1 4AP 

Thursday & Friday 7pm – 10.30pm 

What 3 Words: ///calm.washed.verse

Performance key: Outdoor • Quieter Venue • Sound

Odyssey is a beautiful journey through space, time, light and imagination, reflecting on our place in the universe. Presented as a LED monolith structure, this artwork is a bold, dynamic, light-based installation that takes viewers through the cosmos and out into space. Standing alone in the darkness, the ambient sequence brings the far reaches of the universe into unusual spaces, nestled into nature or juxtaposed in urban environments.

Sponsored by Wellington Place.

24. This is the Place


Aritst: Emergency Exit Arts (UK)

Location: Wellington Place, LS1 4AP

Thursday & Friday, 7pm-10.30pm

What 3 Words: ///milk.buyers.skirt

Performance key: Outdoor • Quieter Venue • Dark

This Is The Place is a series of illuminative LED neon murals created by artists at Emergency Exit Arts. This installation not only explores themes of home, belonging, and migration, but also reflects on humans’ connection to our ultimate home, Earth, by including common creatures in nature. This vibrant interactive installation effectively casts a rainbow spectacular all over its surrounding environment.

Sponsored by Wellington Place.

25. Family Friendly Fun


Aritst: Various (UK)

Location: Wellington Place, LS1 4AP

Thursday & Friday, 7pm-10pm

What 3 Words: ///fries.force.oven

Performance key: Outdoor • Participatory

There will be a variety of activities happening at Wellington Place on Light Night, suitable for all of the family including a free silent disco! Tuck into delicious street food in Tower Square, plus don’t miss the opportunity for free UV face painting and become part of Light Night’s displays!

Sponsored by Wellington Place.

26. Droplets


Aritst: Ulf Pedersen (UK)

Location: Junction, Whitehall, LS12 1BU

Thursday & Friday, 6.30pm-10.30pm

What 3 Words: ///lands.arena.twins

Performance key: Outdoor • Dark • Loud • Lift available

Ulf Pedersen’s captivating installation, Droplets, was created of twelve animated water droplets. each toned to a different note, creating a mostly random pattern of sounds, with the occasional melodic element coming into play. Architectural in scale, UK-based Pedersen creates installations across the world that immerse us in a sensational play of light and colour, often combining natural and artificial elements with new architectural forms. Through a kind of light-based alchemy using hi and lo-fi technologies, an outdoor space changes into something unique and magical.

Sponsored by The Junction.